Music and the Cosmos

-What is the difference between human and animal?
Not intelligence: animals and human beings are both intelligent, just differently. Think of the migrating birds, the dolphins and batsÖ
It is the possibility to project in the future, imagination, creativity. To use the known elements (past) and develop them.

-How are these imagination and creativity expressed?
Through emotions of the present. We as human beings get connected to the world through nerves and react to those by emotions.

-What is the reason for arts to be? What differentiate them from any other human activity, like sport?
To express emotions.

This is the big difference between humans and animals: emotions and their expression.

-Music is waves, to become one with the universe. One shouldn't only tune with himself, nor the group, nor the audience, but with the air surrounding him, with the cosmos. Therefore it is universal.

-Silence is emptiness. Music is trying to fill that silence. Like life emptiness. A musician always strives for silence, for giving music the power of a flame in the darkness, like emotions give the taste of life. But will it fulfill it, or only be noise? Harmony, rhythm, melody.

-Therefore, music is meditation. A musician's life is like a priest's life. Music is not a goal, but a tool, to infinity.

What is the difference between composed music and improvised music?
1)composed music is from another individual, while improvised music is from oneself. Improvised music therefore will vehiculate stronger and truer emotions.
2)composed music is from the past, while improvised music is from the present. Improvised music is the reaction of the whole environment: audience, other musiciansÖ Improvised music is more true, more spontaneous than composed music. Some interpreters know to play compositions as if improvised (Glenn Gould for example).

A real musician knows to listen. While playing, one should especially listen, to just become an element of the surrounding world, like a wave in the ocean.

Therefore I disapprove the one by one studio recordings, the "clean" mixings that cut the frequencies and harmonics of the sound itself, the people who only know to listen to CD's out of a stereo equipment and can change the volume as wished, and never go to a live, acoustic concert, the musicians who need amplifiers instead of turning their volume down so that they can hear the other musicians of the band.

In our society we accept noise but we don't know to listen anymore. Let's seek for silence and then listen to earth's music again!

For a real musician, music is a second nature. Like for a child, walking, eating an apple or brushing his teeth became natural. If the musician didn't aim that goal yet, he should go back to study.

To be developedÖ