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    CD Ambivalences:
    CD Search for Peace:

    CD Odyssey:

    CD The Apple Tree:

    CD Chamber Quintet:

  • Ambivalences

      De Profundis   5:14
      Perséides   6:04  
      Berb'Air   9:15
      Michael, freely   1:40
      Mist   3:22  
      Farewell Lullaby   3:52  
      Octobre Blanc   7:19  
      Reminiscences   7:10  
      Improvisation über Mehrklänge   3:42
      Machaon   8:06  
      Clou de Girofle   8:29  
      Constellations   8:49
       Total time   72:55

    complete CD cover
    Cover design by Emmanuelle Somer

    An acoustic, intimate duo, without overdub: Francois Verly plays bass marimba, harpsichord, tablas, gongs, tibetan bowls and percussion; I play English horn, bass and piccolo clarinets, soprano and tenor saxophones.

    I sign all compositions except Octobre Blanc and Clou de Girofle which are from Francois. I recorded and mixed the CD myself.
    Creation 2006.

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    Chamber Quintet

      Abyss   6:12
      Galileo   7:16
      Eternity   6:30
      Enigma   7:00
      Rien que nous deux...   7:34
      Reflection   4:35
      Horror Vacui   7:06
      Phoenix   2:52
      Desert Walk   7:02
      Nostalgia   7:27
      Source   5:22
      Total time   70'

    complete CD cover
    Cover art Blanka Tomaszewska

    Marcin and Bartlomiej Oles, two Polish twin brothers of Jewish origin, decided they would record their compositions, written for oboe/English horn, bassoon, cello, double bass and drums, with the best musicians in the world able to improvise on those instruments: Michael Rabinowitz on bassoon, Erik Friedlander on cello, and... myself on oboe and English horn. We recorded this CD while on tour in Poland, in 2004.
    Creation 2004-2005.

    Price: 15€/CD
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    Search for Peace

      Danse à Cloche-Pied   11:33
      Aurora Borealis   4:53  
      Search For Peace   7:38
      Thanks   6:24  
      Seduction Dance   1:43
      Stoned Tones   10:56
      Struggle of an Eclosion   2:58  
      Duality   1:55  
      Tree in the Forest   5:29  
      Union Treaty   9:27
      Total time   62:36

    complete CD cover
    Cover art by Emmanuelle Somer and Abacom Nantes

    Compositions for 9 musicians chosen for their musicianship rather than their instrument, written in New Mexico and recorded in New York, influenced by all continents: one can spot Bulgaria, Turkey, India, Africa, Middle East through the improvisations.

    Soprano saxes (Peter Epstein), French horn (Tom Varner), cello (Jonas Tauber), hammond organ, frame drums, bass clarinet and more orchestrate this CD.

    All compositions by Emmanuelle. Created 2000-2001.

    Price: 15€/CD ; 0.90€/MP3
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      Discloser   11:21
      The Eastern Window   5:01
      Search For Peace   5:20
      Sunrise   4:26
      Mélusine   4:51  
      ...And His Name Was Dream   7:04  
      Song For R   7:50  
      Thanks   4:00  
      Looking Into The Sea   10:51
      Ulysses   1:48  
      Ship Sailing North   4:30
      Total time   67:02
    Cover art by Fred Hilger
    complete CD cover

    As a result to Emmanuelle's and Marc's encountering, this CD includes compositions of both co-leaders.

    Chamber jazz finely executed, reminding of programmatic, film music, and incorporating many different styles with taste.

    Created 2000.

    Price: 15€/CD ; 0.90€/MP3
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    The Apple Tree

      Dunes de Lappes   11:32
      El Capitan   8:29  
      Lullaby for a Butterfly   9:22
      Sveti   10:00  
      Odd   4:44  
      Horns & Pipes   7:15
      Simply   5:36  
      Riding the Apple   8:41  
      Total Time   66:10

    Cover art by Emmanuelle Somer and Pascal NoÎl

    First CD of Emmanuelle as a leader, it perspires New York dynamic and her fresh jump, full of illusions, into the jazz world.

    Electric with the Helios Quartet, more contemporary and intimate with the Tone Poets, it includes Jim Black on drums, Chris Potter on bass clarinet and Jay Elfenbein on viola da gamba.

    This CD was recorded at New York's legendary Knitting Factory.

    All compositions by Emmanuelle.

    See also CD reviews (Press page). Created 1997.

    Price: 15€/CD ; 0.90€/MP3
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    Complete discography

    Année Leader, Titre Musiciens style Label; lieu
    Emmanuelle Somer
    new project
    Achille Succi; Peter Epstein; Peter Herbert; Jim Black contemporary jazz ES 2010 (Italy)
    Patricia Kaas Kabaret
    Live at Casino de Paris
    Frédéric Helbert; Christophe Raymond; Kevin Reveyrand; Mathieu Rabate pop/electro-jazz RWE 2009 (Paris)
    Thanos Papadellis
    Dragon Constellation
    Greek studio musicians film music Indie 2009 (Athens)
    Emmanuelle Somer
    François verly chamber jazz ES 2007 (Saint Dyé sur Loire)
    Vincent Gillioz
    Psychologic Thriller
    Los Angeles studio musicians film music Indie 2007 (Los Angeles)
    Marcin & Bartlomiej Oles
    Chamber Quintet
    Erik Friedlander; Michael Rabinowitz contemporary jazz Fenommedia 2005 (Krakow)
    Zahava Seewald
    Scorched Lips
    Michael Grebil a.o. Jewish & Klezmer compositions Tzadik 2004 (Brussels/NY)
    Yasutaka Yoshioka
    Guitar Moon, Journey of my heart
    Tetsuro Ueno; Kiichiro Akui modern jazz Tobasis 2003 (Tokyo)
    Otomo Yoshihide
    Japanese artists experimental film music Indie 2002 (Tokyo)
    Toshiyuki Omori
    Japanese studio musicians several film and jingle music for NHK etc NHK 2002 (Tokyo)
    Marc Gosselin
    Cap'Trad, Groove Ch'ti
    Hugo Cechosz; Christophe Gratien folk jazz Le Petit Orphéon 2002 (Paris/Boulogne-sur-Mer)
    Emmanuelle Somer
    Search for Peace
    Peter Epstein; Tom Varner; Jonas Tauber; Peter McCann; Adam Butler; Daniel Dunlap; Jarrod Cagwin contemporary jazz ES 2001 (New York)
    Emmanuelle Somer
    Lindsey Horner; Jarrod Cagwin chamber jazz ES 2000(Brussels)
    Kris Defoort
    Mark Turner; Stéphane Galland; Geoffroy de Masure; Michel Massot; Pierre Bernard; Jeroen Van Herzeele... contemporary jazz & dance De Werf 1999 (Brussels/Brugge)
    Eyvind Kang
    Theatre of Mineral Nades
    Trey Spruance; Courtney Agguire; Tucker Martine; Steve Moore; Timothy Young contemporary jazz Tzadik 1998 (New York)
    Emmanuelle Somer
    The Apple Tree
    Chris Potter; Jay Elfenbein; Peter McCann; Daniel Dunlap; Jim Black; Jarrod Cagwin contemporary jazz Knitting Factory/ES 1997 - Polygram (New York)
    Juancho Herrera
    Rodrigo Monterrey; Dominic Doppler Modern jazz and latin compositions indie 1996 (Caracas/Boston)
    Kevin Kliesch
    Boston studio musicians film music 1995 (Boston)
    David Spear
    Boston studio musicians film music PFG 1994 (Boston)
    Audrey Englebert
    Photo d'identité
    Louis Kazar; Farida Boujraf; Etienne Dontaine chanson française Igloo-Sowarex 1993 (Brussels)

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