Emmanuelle Somer, jazz oboe, English horn, saxophone, bass clarinet, composer, improviser, leader of the Helios Quartet, Tone Poets, Somer-Mangen Quartet, has performed with Eyvind Kang (CD Tzadik), Jim Black, Thomas Chapin, Chris Potter, David Gilmore, Dave Douglas, and appeared at Nevers and Berlin Jazz Festivals.

Her groups and CD's (The Apple Tree, Odyssey, Search for Peace) include Chris Potter, Jim Black, Peter McCann, Peter Epstein, Daniel Dunlap, Rabih Abou Khalil's drummer and ENJA recording artist Jarrod Cagwin (who studied with Jamey Haddad), cellist Jonas Tauber, viola da gamba player Jay Elfenbein, French hornist Tom Varner, Marc Mangen, Adam Butler and Lindsey Horner.

Her compositions include the styles of Indian talas, North African hand drumming, Eastern European folk, modern jazz, contemporary, renaissance and baroque musics, free improvisation.

Emmanuelle is also member of Yasutaka Yoshioka's group Guitar Moon; they recorded recently "Journey of my Heart" together and are organizing an upcoming tour in Japan.

Emmanuelle also includes other artists in her projects like the dancer-choregraph Georges Bilal.

She gives a weekly radio programm "Today's Jazz and Music" at Radio FrÈquence Luynes (RFL 101) inTours (France), and takes part the best she can to the Petit Faucheux's activities.

She gives improvisation masterclasses.

Emmanuelle plays Rigoutat oboes, Buescher soprano saxophone.

She also practices judo.

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