MP3 musical excerpts

De Profundis

De Profundis bass clarinet solo excerpt, Ambivalences CD

De Profundis 2

Singing with the bass clarinet (Ambivalences CD)

Improvisation über Mehklänge

Some Japanese influence! Ambivalences CD Excerpt

Improvisation über Mehklänge 2

Pure Multiphonics on English horn

Berb'Air Soprano

Berb'Air soprano solo excerpt, with marimba and cas-cas, Ambivalences CD

Berb'Air Head

Bass marimba send of solo and Head out (Ambivalences CD)


Dialogue piccolo clarinet / tablas, Ambivalences CD excerpt

Michael, freely

Tenor Solo - Hommage to Michael Brecker (Ambivalences CD)

DACP rik :

Listen to Jarrod's dexterity on the Arabic little frame drum (the rik)

(1.022 Ko)

DACP duo :

Duo improv (oboe + rik) on an odd meters composition influenced from Bulgaria

(501 Ko)

DACP Jarrod :

Jarrod's drums solo on a 15/8 riff (part of Dance ‡ Cloche-Pied)

(660 Ko)

DACP Pete 1 :

Pete's delicate taste on guitar

(502 Ko)

DACP Pete 2 :

Pete's excitement on guitar

(695 Ko)

Duo dumbek + Union Treaty :

Introduction to an Eastern sounding 7Ω / 4 meter composition; a different sound on soprano saxophone

(2.121 Ko)

Duo Jarrod B clar + brushes :

Live dialogue between bass clarinet and Moroccan frame drum

(793 Ko)

Duo Jarrod clar + ocean :

Live improvisation with clarinet and ocean drum

(1.373 Ko)

Duo Marc Coltrane :

Swinging oboe in duo with Marc's pianistic innate vocabulary and talent to comp on Coltrane's Big Nick - live recording

(1.049 Ko)

Duo Marc Monk :

Crazy dialogue on Monk's Trinkle Twinkle motives - live recording

(1.859 Ko)

Duo Marc :

Solo oboe leading to Marc's "And his name was dream" - live recording

(1.923 Ko)

Out final :

The introduction to the composition Ouvertures for Arcane wind quintet, DJ Soy and myself.

(1.629 Ko)

Search Tone Poets :

The Tone Poets with guests

(767 Ko)

Search with cello :

Jonas' talent in improvising melodies

(1.472 Ko)

Seduction Dance : search for Peace

Two soprano saxophones making love in music

(838 Ko)


Somewhere in the West East solo bass clarinet - live recording

(1.562 Ko)

Stoned Tones C : Search for Peace +

An idea of Emmanuelle's rich skills in composing

(666 Ko)

Stoned Tones Pete + end -> Search for Peace +

Another idea of Emmanuelle's rich skills in composing

(1.610 Ko)

Stoned Tones start Pete -> (page Helios Quartet)

Struggle of an eclosion -> Search for Peace +

Improvisation with horns only (quartet)

(757 Ko)

Union Treaty Epstein -> Search for Peace


(1.304 Ko)

Union Treaty intro -> Search for Peace


(616 Ko)